Fed up with solicitors unpicking the agreement reached at mediation?

We are not mediators.  We work closely with mediation services to formalise the financial arrangements and to act for a client in the divorce process.

We recognise the importance of mediation and the efforts that have been made to reach an agreement.  Our vision is  ‘Our focus is you and your family and we will advise you in clear terms and make the divorce process as smooth as possible’. We believe this approach works well with mediation.

For mediators nothing can be more frustrating than solicitors unpicking the agreement reached at mediation but our approach is we recognise the efforts and involvement of the parties and the mediator and we are not looking to undermine those efforts.

We work with mediation services in Rugby, London, Manchester and Sussex who refer their clients to us to act for them in the divorce and to prepare or approve the financial agreement paperwork.  They refer to us as they know we are specialists in family law and they trust we will provide an excellent service and our feedback from our clients is that they are extremely happy with our service.   Not only is it beneficial to the client but it is also financially rewarding to the mediation service as their business grows by offering more services in addition to mediation.

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Here is some feedback from Mediate UK ( who we work with..

At Mediate UK we were the first company in England and Wales to offer fixed fee mediation and legal service packages. To help do this, we wanted to partner up with a law firm, that shared our values of putting customers first, giving excellent service and who want to help resolve matters outside of court where possible. New Leaf Solicitors were recommended to us and we started using them to process our respondent divorces, consent orders and separation agreements.

Our lead mediator, Ian Lovatt says, ‘It is great being able to refer our clients New Leaf, knowing they will be treated well and that any issues that may arrive will be dealt with quickly and professionally. It gives me confidence as a mediator, to sell our fixed fee divorces to clients, knowing they will be in good hands once I have helped them reach an agreement.”

The feedback we receive from our clients at Mediate UK has been excellent and many of their new customers have come from positive recommendations about the services that New Leaf Solicitors provides.

If you are a mediator and want to work with us we would be happy to hear from you so please get in touch.

Q What's the admin burden?
AMinimal.  You already gather the information we need during the mediation process.  We will review your forms to check you are capturing all the information we need.
Q What's the benefits to my clients? 
AYour clients can be assured their case is being dealt with by an experienced specialist family solicitor.  The client is saved the hassle of finding a solicitor and having to go over it all again as you the mediator will provide us with your paperwork and we will then write to the client to confirm our instruction.  A seamless hassle free service.
QHow will it help my mediation business?

AIt will be financially rewarding and you will attract more clients who want a seamless service of mediation and then specialist family solicitors to act for them in the divorce and to conclude financial matters.