Fixed Fee Ex pat Divorce as the Respondent

Is this right for you?
This option is for you if you accept that the marriage has broken down and you have no objection to there being a divorce.  If this describes your situation this option is right for you. I

What is included?
We will explain the divorce process in plain English.  We will complete all the Court paperwork such as the Acknowledgement of Service for you and deal with the Conditional and Final Orders.

We will write to the Court on your behalf and send them all the required documentation.  We will keep you informed throughout.

What is not included?
This option does not cover any work in relation to financial matters or issues concerning your children such as contact.  We can help you with this but that work will be charged for separately.  Any  additional costs will be explained to you before any further work is done for you.


How long does it take?
A divorce takes approximately 6 months from start to finish.  We will prepare your documents promptly upon receipt of details from you.  We know it is important to you that you want  the divorce process to be dealt with as quickly as possible and we can assure you that we will deal with all ongoing work as promptly as possible.

The price
Our fees £600
Court fees £0

NB. Your bank may charge you a fee if you are paying
from an account not in British sterling

Alternatively you may prefer to see your solicitor and pay for advice on an hourly charge.  We have Zoom or MS Teams if you want a face to face discussion but it is not practical to come to our office

Additional fees
If your spouse has included a claim within their Divorce Petition that you be ordered to pay their legal fees and you object to paying their fees , the Court may ask you to prepare a statement setting out your objections on paying their legal fees.  We can help you prepare a statement but you will be charged separately for this.   In the rare event that the Court requires you to attend Court there would be additional charges should you wish us to represent  you  in Court.

Any additional fees will be discussed and agreed with you beforehand.

Book now Fixed Fee Ex pat Divorce (Respondent)  £600