A divorce is the process of dissolving (ending) your marriage.  In order to divorce in England and Wales the marriage has to have irretrievably broken down i.e. there is no hope of reconciliation.

The person who starts the divorce is known as the Petitioner and their spouse is the Respondent.
The Petitioner must prove that the marriage has broken by proving one of five ‘facts’ (reasons).
These reasons are:

  • The Respondent committed adultery
  • The Respondent’s behaviour was unreasonable
  • The Respondent has deserted you
  • You have both lived separately and apart for 2 years or more and the Respondent consents to the divorce,
  • If no consent you have to have lived apart for 5 years or more.

As part of our commitment to making the process easier for our clients we can advise you outside office hours and at weekends as we understand that not everyone can able to take time off to see us during the working day.

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