Points to Consider if you Divorce in Your Later Years

The divorce rate amongst older couples, the so called Silver splitters, is growing year by year.

There are many reasons for this.  First, people are living longer and are expected to be in good health well into their later years.  The whole ‘in sickness and in health, til death do us part’ promise can suddenly seem like a lengthy commitment.  Financial security is also an issue.  There are new rules which allow people to cash in their pension pots on retirement and so some couples may not feel compelled to stay together because it’s too complicated to separate.

Many couples wait until their children become independent before they choose to separate but it is still important to think about the impact on your children even though they are now adults.  You may not need to discuss contact arrangements but it is still important to be amicable and to shield them from disagreements. The children may still feel the loss of their parents separation and worry about losing contact with extended family members and what will happen at their graduation, or wedding and losing their family home.

You should expect and accept that your adult children will grieve too for the loss of their family unit and they may take longer than you to accept the new family set up.

It will be important to remain family focused during the divorce process even though the children are no longer children. If you can resolve any conflict respectfully you will minimise the emotional as well as financial cost for not only yourself but also your children.

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