Client Testimonial

An amazing testimonial for our Pauline O'Rourke...

"I have just had a really horrible year and Pauline has been amazing, she has literally got me through this.  She is so knowledgeable very, honest about things which she wasn’t able to guarantee would happen and offered me several options possible outcomes.  I felt entirely comfortable talking to her on the phone very easy to talk to and really felt that she was genuinely fighting my corner with everything she had, I certainly had a far better financial outcome than I would have got if I hadn’t got her.

Pauline knew how hard to push things and when we were at the best possible outcome, and advised me accordingly.  My son and I have got hope now to get back on the home owner ladder in a better area and probably an extra bedroom too and I will be able to move neared to my family.  She always responded to my emails and telephone calls and was always available (even when I knew she was up to her ears in it) she even took a call from me as she was on her way to court which she could have left but she didn’t.

I hope that I won’t need her services again in the nicest possible way but if I or any one I know ever needs help she will be the first person I would recommend.

Thankyou Pauline you have been fantastic".