The Pandemic and Divorce

The Pandemic and Divorce

COVID 19 and the subsequent lockdowns have undoubtedly had an affect on peoples lives.  The lockdown has led to many different stresses in each household, tensions running high perhaps with both partners having to work from home and finding the space to do that, as well as sharing the responsibility of home schooling.

These pressures have caused immense difficulties to many relationships and those with cracks already have really felt the additional pressure on them.

For some the loss of their daily work routine or the loss of their job has brought additional financial stress to the household.

For some the pandemic has led to a re evaluation of their lives and their focus and are seeking new horizons.

We have found that for clients who are seeking a divorce in these difficult times they want the divorce dealt with as smoothy and swiftly as possible.   The burden of a global pandemic and the uncertainty that that brings leads many to just want their own personal affairs dealt with as stress free as possible.

We can help you with this, our team are highly experienced in divorce and in dealing with financial matters and we understand your need to resolve financial or children disputes as expertly and swiftly as possible.

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