What is Mediation and Why Should I Go?

What is mediation and why should I go?

There is common misconception that family mediation is like couples counselling. This is not correct. The purpose of mediation is not to try and save the relationship (although of course, if there is any desire to do that, you can be referred to someone who can help). Mediation is about providing an impartial and non-judgmental environment where you can make arrangements with your ex-partner about your children, money, divorce, or all three. Discussions at mediation are confidential and any proposals you make during mediation cannot be relied upon or referred to if you later end up in court proceedings. This is to encourage open discussions without the fear of it being used against you later on.

What is the role of the mediator?

Although many mediators are also family lawyers, their role in mediation is not to advise you (either individually or together) but