No Fault Divorce to be Introduced Autumn 2021?

The long awaited no fault divorce process is getting closer.  The Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Bill has now reached its journey’s end in the House of Commons and now its with the House of Lords to review  before it receives Royal assent.  It is anticipated that it will be Autumn 2021 before the new law comes into effect.

This change in the law has been campaigned for for many years.  Resolution has been campaigning for decades for a change to remove the requirement to place blame on your spouse in order to obtain a divorce.  This need to place fault with your spouse and give details did not sit comfortably with many couples who remained amicable and did not wish to ruffle the other’s feathers by having to blame the other.

The detail of the rules process are not yet known.  Ironing out the finer details may mean the introduction of the no fault divorce may come into force even later than next year.  We shall have to see what the new approach will be and it will be a change for many lawyers but it is a positive step in making the process less hostile.

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