A Checklist for You After a Divorce

A Checklist for You After a Divorce

The time will come when the divorce is behind you and you are looking forward to a new chapter.  Here are some helpful hints to help you along your new journey.

  1. Be as amicable as you can with your former spouse. This will help in co parenting your children and as your own life changes so might the contact arrangements and if you have a cordial relationship with your ex it will be easier for you agree changes and be flexible as you both move on.
  2. Try to encourage your children to maintain a relationship with their wider family. This helps your child feel part of the wider family unit and maintains a continuity of still seeing their cousins and aunts and uncles on both sides of their parents.
  3. Be mindful of when you introduce a new partner to your children and how you do it. Your child may be reluctant to warmly welcome someone new into their family so go with their pace.
  4. Be respectful of your former spouse, at least in front of the children. It will upset the children for you to speak negatively of their other much loved parent.

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