I Am Not Sure What To Do Next??

I am not sure what to do next ?

When you enter a relationship and you become close you may inevitably think about living together and/or having children together. What sort of things should you consider? Disputes can arise out of quite trivial disagreements initially. What steps can you take to prevent this from happening?

If you buy a home together and it is put into joint names, what steps can you take to protect your respective interests? Has one of you paid or about to pay a significantly greater share of the deposit? Can you protect that money? If the house is going to be in one person’s name (for example one of you has a poor credit history or are self-employed) should you consider a Living Together Agreement? Whilst this may increase your initial costs at a time when you cannot necessarily afford to incur those costs the consequences financially and emotionally if you separate and cannot agree can be much much more.

Have you or should you make wills? There is a misconception that unmarried couples are treated the same as married couples. This is not the case. You ought to consider taking legal advice and to consider making provision for your partner if you wish to do so and to understand the implications if you do not. It is important consider making a will if you have children together and/or children from a previous relationship to ensure that any monies go to those that you would want it to go to.

Have you taken financial advice? Have you considered what provision you can or ought to make for your partner and/or any children?

If your relationship is in difficulty, what help and support can you access to save your relationship if that is what you both want to do? People often seek advice after things have gone too far and they either cannot or no longer wish to save their relationship. This can often lead to more difficulty and more costs if left until things have deteriorated.

If you have children together and your relationship does break down what options do you have? How do you resolve things amicably and what agreements can be put in place to make it clear what your arrangements will be in the future? How much does that cost?

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