I Need Legal Advice – Who Should I Approach?

When you get to the stage where you feel you need guidance or advice regarding divorce, separation, children or finances who should you turn to?

Choosing a Solicitor is not dissimilar to employing a builder or any other expert. The advice and service you receive will help you to make decisions that will affect your life, your partner’s life and your children’s lives.

Look at websites and individual solicitor profiles to look at what they do and how that my differ from firm to firm. Is the website easy to use and navigate? Is it of interest and relevance to you and what you want to get advice about? Is it up to date?

Look at the Law Society website and search for Solicitors firms and then look at the experience levels of the solicitor that you are considering using. You will be able to ascertain when they qualified and what they specialise in.

Consider whether you would feel comfortable with a male or a female solicitor as your chosen solicitor will be someone who you probably will speak to very regularly. Does that matter to you and if so why?

Think about logistics. How easy will it be to meet your solicitor face to face? Do they work out of office hours and/or weekends? Are they flexible and are they willing to work around your needs and requirements?

Speak to people who have been through similar experiences. What did they do? Who did they turn to and were they happy with the advice they received and the cost of that advice?

Finally, take some time to speak to your perspective solicitor. If you left a message or sent an email, did they respond promptly? Were they positive? Did you give you the advice that you asked for? Did you feel comfortable with them? Was the advice clear and in terms you understood?

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