Getting Ahead of the Divorce Curve

Getting Ahead of the Divorce Curve

Everyone seems to be talking about a ‘curve’ during the Coronavirus pandemic but today was the first time I had heard a new client saying he wanted to get ahead of the divorce curve.

It is a sad prediction that after a period of self isolation this will put a strain on some couples marriages and the divorce rate is predicted to increase.    So rather than waiting until after the lockdown comes to an end and THEN instructing a divorce solicitor this particular client wanted to get ahead and get the ball rolling now.

You may ask if you can begin divorce proceedings now during this lockdown.  Yes you can, the paperwork can still be prepared and emailed to you and your spouse and the Court is still open, however there will be a delay in the usual processing time as the court office is not staffed as it usually is and so there will be a delay but the answer is yes you can go ahead now if you wish to.

So what steps might you want to take?  You can instruct us remotely by telephone or email and we have Zoom if you want a ‘face to face’ meeting.  If there is a disagreement regarding financial matters or the childrens living arrangements mediation services are still open and they can still facilitate discussions remotely either by Zoom or Skype.

These are unprecedented times but we have the technology to cope and adapt so we continue to meet the needs of our current and new clients.

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