Dealing with Contact Arrangements during the Coronavirus COVID 19 Pandemic

These are unprecedented times!  This phrase is used a lot but it certainly applies when it comes to contact arrangements. This pandemic would never have been in the minds of parents when reaching an agreement on contact with the children, nor would it have covered what would happen in the event of a pandemic. However, this is where we are and so it’s a learning curve for all of us.

If you have an amicable relationship with your co-parent then hopefully you can discuss and agree the new arrangements for your children if the usual arrangement isn’t working, particularly now that the children are now off school and one parent may be a key worker and working longer hours or one may be self isolating.

During this lockdown try to utilise the technology that is available, Zoom or Skype or video chats on social media to speak to the other parent and to your children.  This visual check in just helps to maintain the previous norm of being able to speak to each other face to face.

Either you are happy to leave it to your children to call their other parent for a video chat when they want or agree the times for these important calls.

You will need to keep the other parent informed if your child is showing any symptoms of coronavirus, as this will affect any previously agreed handover arrangements.

Talk about the schooling and teaching plans for your children.  What will each parent cover in their school work and try to keep the routine similar between each parent. Stick to a timetable of lessons so that your children maintain that routine in both households.

If you can’t reach an agreement on the contact arrangements, we can help you or you can contact a mediation service.

During these times of isolation it is important to try to work it out together and find a way to work around this.  We are here if you need us and we can see you remotely but hopefully this lockdown will bring a sense of unity to everyone and parents will work it out together.

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