Tips on how to co parent during the Coronavirus outbreak

Tips on how to co parent during the Coronavirus outbreak.

During such a stressful and unsettling time it is important that your children know there is some stability in their home life.  Their world has turned upside down if they are off school and they will need some structure at home and also reassurance that everything will be ok.

Be as present as possible when you are with your children, whether you are working through their school work or during play.  They may be feeling unsettled with their routine being disrupted so give them lots of reassurance and love and praise for help around the house or in their school work.

If your children are off school then use the time at home to get to know what is going on in their lives by talking to them more. If they are doing their school work, see how they approach their work and whether they enjoy it or understand the work easily and what really motivates them and interests them.

It will also be a stressful time for the parents and emotions may be running high due to anxiety over the risk of the virus itself to them or their family or worry over their jobs but try to stay positive in front of your children.

If the arrangements for the children have to be changed due to illness or being self isolated or work commitments then speak to the other parent.  If you are speaking to the other parent try to speak in positive terms or your children will pick up on any negativity and add to their stress.  These are uncertain times and this is an opportunity for both parents to work together to cause as little disruption to your childrens daily lives.

If you feel unable to reach an agreement with the other parent then think about mediation, try not to air your differences with the other parent with your children, use professionals to mediate a new way forward for you.

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