The Pre-nup: Some reasons to consider one

Whether you are ironing the bunting as we speak, or finding somewhere to hide for the day, there is no doubt that Royal Wedding fever is upon us.

Amidst the bridesmaid, carriage and dress speculation, in all the press coverage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle impending wedding, there has been much discussion of potential pre-nup agreements and their decision not to have one.

This seems unusual as they are both wealthy people in their own right and both have divorced parents. Meghan is also American, where they are far more commonplace.

However this is a royal wedding and it is not something that royals do.  No royal marriage has involved one in the past and, maybe surprisingly, that includes Prince William and Kate Middleton. Pre-nups are considered the territory of footballers and celebrities and not our future monarchs.  In addition, although Prince Harry is undoubtedly wealthy by anyone’s standards, the majority of