How mediation takes the sting out of divorce

A divorce is always a difficult option, fraught with emotion and upset.  However, working with a mediator can ease much of the pain and difficulty in the long term.  This isn’t marriage counselling, it is a process where a neutral third person helps to resolve conflicts and disputes arising from the divorce so that the divorce can move forward.

There are two biggest advantages to Mediation.  First, it makes divorce up to four times faster and second, it can be more than ten times cheaper than going to court. So what stops more people trying it or seeing it through?

Sadly, divorce can turn even the most mature, considerate and rational adults into petulant children or disputatious teenagers. As with all perilous situations, we can go into survival modes of Fight, Flight or Freeze which can have major impacts on the outcome of your divorce.


The desire to run away from it