Six Steps to Follow to Ensure a Good Divorce

It's not true that there is no such thing as a good divorce. Although any separation is a cause for some sadness, it's also clear that when the couple in question is on friendly terms and doing everything in their power to base the divorce process on fairness and cooperation, then the experience can be tolerable, or even harmonious.

 1.  Commit at the outset to breaking up amicably. Essentially, any break-up is as amicable as both partners want it to be. Obviously, if the split is something that both partners want equally, then the chances of keeping it civil and cooperative are much, much higher. If one partner wants it less, then keeping everything on good terms becomes much harder. Just remember that you have nothing to gain by making things more difficult than they need be, and if you make things hard for your partner, you're also making them hard for yourself.

 2. Look to the future and think long-term. If at all possible, strive to be one of those couples that remain friends after your split, especially if you have children. Or if you'd both rather sever all ties and move on, do so amicably.

3. Come to terms with your emotions as early as you can. Depending on the circumstances of your divorce, there could be a lot of strong emotions at play. You will almost certainly be feeling sad and disappointed. You may also be feeling angry or, betrayed. For your own sake, you should do everything within your power to get on top of these emotions before you work your way through the divorce process. If you're blaming your partner and looking to hurt them, you are going to have an acrimonious divorce. There are many people on hand to help you in this regard, including therapists and support groups. If you're struggling, seek help.

4. Get to grips with your finances. Before you get into the nitty-gritty of separating things out, make sure you have an awareness of your finances, both joint and separate.

5. Choose a non-adversarial process. If you begin the process from a standpoint of cooperation and compromise, you are much more likely to have a good divorce than if you start hoping to tear each other apart.

6. Don't get blindsided by the cost. Divorce, like marriage, can be expensive. The more realistic you are from the beginning about how much it's likely to cost, the fewer shocks you might have down the line. It's also worth remembering that some solicitors are more specialist than others in this area, which means they're less expensive in the long run and more committed to making your divorce as painless as it can possible be.

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