Fixed Fees for Divorce

It is Family Dispute Resolution week during 24 to 28 November and Resolution is promoting the benefit of fixed fees. Many of you may also know that legal aid is no longer available in divorce cases.  There are some exceptions such as there having been domestic violence but in the main those who would have previously been able to claim legal aid or Legal Help as it was called will no longer be able to do so.

For those people who are on a tight budget they face two options, they either act for themselves or they pay a solicitor to act for them.

The divorce process can be a minefield and you should always get legal advice on what your options are and what is best for you. The divorce petition may look like a simple document but one mistake could be a very costly one.  You may not be saving yourself money in the long run if you don't seek advice at the outset.

We offer a budget friendly fixed fee service for a divorce or a dissolution of a civil partnership and this is a real benefit to all clients especially those on a tight budget.

For some couples they both accept that the marriage is over and they both want to divorce. In other words neither objects to there being a divorce in the first place and there is no argument on what is said within the divorce paperwork.  For these couples a fixed fee divorce may be suitable.

If you are considering divorce but are not sure and want some advice please come in and see us for an initial meeting and we will explain all the options available to you.  We will tell you whether the fixed fee is right for you or not.  If your ex partner is not in agreement to there being a divorce and there is likely to be some negotiations on there being a divorce and the content of the petition then the fixed fee service may not be for you but we can still help you to achieve the result you want.

If for example you and your spouse have lived apart for over two years and your spouse consents to the divorce the fixed fee divorce is an option for you.

For advice please contact Amanda Weaver on or 01788 555042.