Facebook and Marriage – A Happy Union?

I read an interesting article this week about a study conducted by Boston University on the link between those who use social media and in particular Facebook are more likely to leave their spouse.

This article had some resonance with me as I hear the word 'Facebook' mentioned quite often by clients when discussing potential options for a divorce.  I have learned that so many Facebook users have open profiles and so their comments and photos are available to anyone and they are not cautious about what they type.  Clients have discovered their spouses have cheated on them by doing a bit of detective work on Facebook and finding photos of nights out they didn't know about or comments by another which confirms their suspicions.

Some clients are unhappy because former partners or new partners are making derogatory comments about them which they can view as they still have permission to access their profile.  You can report abuse to Facebook but it does amaze me that former partners do not take steps to restrict their profile if they want to vent but then maybe their intent is to cause distress to their former partner when they read it.

Another aspect is the fact that these comments or photos once made cannot always be removed or forgotten and so in court proceedings sometimes the content on the parties social media feeds can be referred to and a party can then regret making some throw away comment that is then used as evidence against them.

My advice to clients is to be careful on what info you put on the web as it might come back to bite you.  Change the profile settings on Facebook on who can see your profile and to be extra sure don't put any controversial comments out there on any site that you wouldn't want coming back to you in a court room.  If you discover any inappropriate comments about you or your family then depending on the content you can report as abuse to the site administrators.

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