An Initial Meeting – The Best Way to Get Some Advice

If you are thinking about divorce or separation an initial meeting to discuss your options can really help put your mind at ease.  You should know what options are available to you and what your potential claims regarding money will be so that when you and your partner or spouse discuss ending the relationship you will know what you are entitled to and how best to proceed.

We can see you outside of office hours, if you wish as we understand that you may not be able or want to take time off work during the day.  If you want an appointment at the weekend we can book you in.

We also have Skype so you can have a face to face meeting without the need to travel to our office.

Our office is in Rugby and we are ideally situated for clients who live in Daventry or Coventry or in the surrounding villages.

An initial meeting costs £50 inclusive of VAT and the meeting will usually last up to an hour.  You can book an appointment by email or phone 01788 555042.