Children’s Residence – Is Shared Parenting the Way Forward

Edward Timpson the Children’s Minister has announced the Government’s response to a consultation on amending the Children Act 1989 to a presumption of ‘shared parenting’.

The consultation invited views on the Government’s plans to introduce legislation that sent ‘a clear signal’ on the importance of shared parenting and the options for strengthening the enforcement measures available to the courts in dealing with breaches of Court Orders concerning children.

One option proposed is that the court’s starting point in making decisions about children’s care is that a child’s welfare is likely to be furthered through involvement with both parents.

Mr Timpson wrote to the House of Commons Justice Select Committee stating that “the system is too adversarial, with courts seen as creating ‘winners’ and ‘losers’.  It is vital that both mothers and fathers feel confident that the court will consider fully the benefits of their involvement.”

The Law Society responded that the Government’s intention to