Fixed Fee Online Divorce – Is it Right for You?

The divorce process can be a minefield and you should always get legal advice on what your options are and what is best for you. The divorce petition may look like a simple document but one mistake could be a very costly one.

For some couples they both accept that the marriage is over and they both want to divorce. In other words neither objects to there being a divorce in the first place and there is no argument on what is said within the divorce paperwork.  For these couples a fixed fee divorce available online may be suitable.

If you are considering divorce but are not sure and want some advice an initial meeting would explain all the options available to you.  We would tell you whether the fixed fee is right for you or not.  If your ex partner is not in agreement to there being a divorce and there is likely to be some negotiations on there being a divorce and the content of the petition then the online service is not for you but we can still help you to achieve the result you want.

If for example you and your spouse have lived apart for over two years and your spouse consents to the divorce the online divorce is an option for you.  Once you have purchased the service we will send to you a Client Attendance Form which asks for information such as your full name, date of birth, full name of spouse, where and when you got married and your childrens names and dates of birth.  We clearly explain to you what information we need from you and how the divorce process works.  Once we have received all the information from you we will prepare the divorce paperwork and send it to you for your approval.

The benefits on an online divorce is the cost and the ease of the transaction.  The price is fixed (court fees are also payable) and there is no need to take time out your busy day to see a solicitor.  Some clients prefer to meet their solicitor and discuss their case face to face and so for them an online service just doesn't suit them.   We have Skype for those clients who live too far away to come into the office or its just more convenient. Or you can book an appointment to come in to discuss your situation and get the advice you need.